Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Dead Walk at Nightfall!

Halloween is right around the corner and with it comes a few Weird West themed Haunt Attractions!

First up is Nightfall which has been around for Twenty Years and are a very popular Haunt in the Tucson area. Every Halloween the Old Tucson Studios turns into the town of Nightfall, ruled by the evil Dr. Jebediah Hyde who does twisted experiments at his Ghoulliard Institue.

The official word is this:

Since the beginning, the evil Dr. Jebediah Hyde has ruled Nightfall, incessantly torturing the inmates of the Goulliard Asylum for the Perpetually Insane in the name of “scientific research.” He overcame a recent challenge to his authority by the evil Isabel and her army of zombies and restored to himself to his rightful place as ruler of Nightfall. Now, it’s back to business as usual in this Twentieth Year of Terror … or is it?

The event has 4 different shows, and 4 Haunted attractions that range from Ghost train and a Haunted Mine.

For Official details, ticket pricing, dates, and the story for the whole event at their OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

and for a little taste of the event, there's this:

Also, look out for more stuff on the Old Tucson Studios in the months ahead. Its going to be the site for the Wild, Wild West Steampunk Convention...but more on that later!

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Ashe said...

That is very cool. I'd love to go!