Monday, June 29, 2009

Gallowwalker reshoots in May

Gallowwalker just got a whole lot more exciting! Not only with the news that they had re-shoots last month (which means the film is still a "go" and caused the production company to scramble around and re-collect all the props, costumes, and sets that had been auctioned off after the end of principle photography).....but also with this comes even MORE exciting news:

They are thinking that Gallowwalker is going to be a Trilogy!

I know this sounds like a strange thing for me to be excited about, especially for film Ive never seen, and may truly hate after I see it (though It looks like a LOT of fun, so probably not)....A trilogy keeps Weird Westerns alive, that's one thing...also, a trilogy of films that are in a genre I love is always a plus....Plus PLUS this film looks like it is very adaptable to a long or episodic story format, being the adventures of a wandering Gunslinger...never in one place too long, but always being followed by his curse...that whoever he kills comes back to life.

They could even do a Sequel/Prequel trilogy like they did for From Dusk Til Dawn and Underworld, which seems likely (one film about the further adventures of Aman and the other about how this whole thing got started).

But the bottom line is, a trilogy keeps the Westerns/Weird Westerns coming, they keep the Genre alive, and that is always a big plus....especially if its a fun film series.

You can read all about the re-shoots and prop scramble here, and a little blurb about the Trilogy at the end.