Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Weird West Emporium is Now open on Facebook!

Howdy folks, its been a long time i know. Life gets in the way sometimes and that's whats been happening recently. New Job, plus little personal time has caused me to neglect the Emporium, but fear not, the Emporium isn't dead...even when it feels like it sometimes.

in fact, we just opened a new location!

I haven't had the time (or gumption) to sit down and write articles lately, So instead Ive opened up a brand new second location, right on Facebook! Things are just gearing up so there isn't a lot just yet, but rest assured that things will pick up as the days roll by.

There will probably be less articles, and more pictures, Links, and videos for your viewing enjoyment....and the Main Location isn't going anywhere, it's just taking a bit of a hiatus (until i can fix my computer keyboard.....ergh, Long story)

But come on by and stay a spell, maybe there will be something there to keep you interested. Hope to see you guys soon!