Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cowboys and Aliens Interviews!

The Huffington Post has published a ton of video interviews that Jon Favreau did with different members of the cast and crew of Cowboys and Aliens. I love Jon Favreau, he seems like a really genuine guy, AND he's an accomplished interviewer. One of my favorite shows from the early 2000s was Dinner for Five where him and 4 other people (of various background) would site around and talk about whatever. Infinitely fascinating.

For these new interviews, which I guess have been dubbed The Cowboys and Aliens Interviews, Favreau interviews various people involved with the film...Including Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Writer Damon Lindelof, and Producers Kurtzman and Orci. The only ones missing are Daniel Craig (who is Sweden filming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Sam Rockwell. Everyone comes off as funny and genuine, especially Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Lindelof and of course Spielberg and Howard....Brain Grazer doesn't say much so I can't really gauge him, he mostly just sits around and looking crazy.

There is a lot of content to get through but its funny and fascinating and you probably won't notice the length. To get you started here is the first part of the Harrison Ford interview....you can see the rest HERE at their official Youtube channel, or at the Huffington Post link above....Enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Civil War, Zombie style!

Yeah, I know.

Once again, our friend and frequent visitor to the Emporium Shonokin has given me the heads up on a new Zombie Civil War movie called Exit Humanity. I watched the trailer and it looks pretty good, Ill judge it fully when I see it. I certainly LOOKS independent, but the thing that struck me was the caliber of talent this film has attracted. Bill Mosley? Stephen McHattie?? Dee Wallace??? BRIAN COX???? Clearly this film has SOME money behind it....but really, it doesn't matter what a film looks like, its the quality of the story that matters.

I certainly like the Poster!

Exit Humanity is a story told through the written and illustrated journal of Edward Young as he battles his way through an unexplainable outbreak of the walking dead a decade after the American Civil War. After returning home from a hunting trip to find a horrific re-animation of his wife Julia, and that their son Adam has disappeared, Edward starts to record his experiences with the walking dead as well as the unexplainable outbreak that has torn his family apart, and threatens all of mankind. Throughout his harrowing journey Edward finds friendship, guidance and love amongst chaos and despair, when all else seems to be lost in a world robbed of its humanity.

If you want to read more about the film you can go to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE and it has some behind the scenes stuff.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

John Carter Teaser Trailer!

Disney just released the teaser trailer for the new adaptation of John Carter of Mars...Is it Weird West? I'm not sure yet..but it does take place during the Civil War (Unlike that OTHER John Carter movie). Is it Steampunk? Absolutely!

I'll keep an eye out for more info on this and Ill let you guys know.

Until then, you can read up on John Carter at the Teaser Site Disney has put up. It has a gallery, synopsis, and a teaser trailer.