Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strange Things afoot at The Haunted Benjamin Ranch

Back in the days when the west was young, hundreds of frontiersmen and cowboys traveled through the ranch on the Santa Fe Trail. For some, this is where their journey would end.

Between now and then the ranch has thrived, entertaining the locals of Kansas City with parties and rodeos. Until recently...

Recently they've decided to scare the place up on Halloween. They've turned the Benjamin Ranch into the Haunted Benjamin Ranch and it looks like they do a fun job.

Between The Haunted Stables and the Stockpen Cage Maze they have the haunt Mazes covered.....and then throw in a haunted hay ride (which Ive recently become interested in due to a local attraction) and a freak show you've got a good event....especially for a first time venue.

Granted, they do have quite the silly promotional video. It starts off pretty good, but then becomes down home wacky, but it shows off some of the things in store, including lots of footage of the Dusty Cadaver Freakshow (and what appears to be the nail in the nose trick.....ugh.....)

Doesn't really set the tone for a scary event, but it certainly does set the tone for a family event, which The Haunted Benjamin Ranch promotes itself as.

They also showcase their scarier side of the with this video, a walk thru of the Haunted Stables haunt attraction.....still a little silly but genuine and everyone seems to be having a good time!

Everything you could possibly ever want to know about the event (including directions, Hours, and Ticket prices, plus an FAQ page about event specifics) can be found at their OFFICIAL WEBSITE and their Youtube Page

So if you happen to be in the Kansas City, MO area you should stop by and give these guys some support!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Dead Walk at Nightfall!

Halloween is right around the corner and with it comes a few Weird West themed Haunt Attractions!

First up is Nightfall which has been around for Twenty Years and are a very popular Haunt in the Tucson area. Every Halloween the Old Tucson Studios turns into the town of Nightfall, ruled by the evil Dr. Jebediah Hyde who does twisted experiments at his Ghoulliard Institue.

The official word is this:

Since the beginning, the evil Dr. Jebediah Hyde has ruled Nightfall, incessantly torturing the inmates of the Goulliard Asylum for the Perpetually Insane in the name of “scientific research.” He overcame a recent challenge to his authority by the evil Isabel and her army of zombies and restored to himself to his rightful place as ruler of Nightfall. Now, it’s back to business as usual in this Twentieth Year of Terror … or is it?

The event has 4 different shows, and 4 Haunted attractions that range from Ghost train and a Haunted Mine.

For Official details, ticket pricing, dates, and the story for the whole event at their OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

and for a little taste of the event, there's this:

Also, look out for more stuff on the Old Tucson Studios in the months ahead. Its going to be the site for the Wild, Wild West Steampunk Convention...but more on that later!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The End is Nigh......

There has been so so SO much Undead Nightmare material from Red Dead Redemption that has come out lately (about an average of 2 to 3 things a day for the past month) that Ive been hesitant to post anything quite yet for fear of this site becoming the Red Dead Emporium! ...but with the impending release of the game just one day away (Oct 26, i.e. tomorrow) the time has come...

Undead Nightmare is basically an alternate story that diverges from the main story of Red Dead Redemption. It takes place during the "Home" period when John Marston, having finished his obligations to the government, returns home to be with his family and start his farm. However things aren't as he remembers them.

This game looks insane! Someone described it as being like a movie set where, during the day everyone is shooting a stright forward Western, but at night a crazy director comes in a shoots a bad ass Zombie Horror Western using the same cast and crew and thats exactly what this seems like; a completely separate story that uses the same characters.

This is going to more than satisfy my Weird West lust the way that Red Dead satisfied my desire for an open world sandbox game (ever since I played Gun...which is very much an open world Western game in the vein of Red Dead but at much smaller scope.)

The game also has an insane Multiplayer feature. Its called Undead Overrun and its basically stay alive for wave after wave of zombies. Everyone IS going to die, just how long can you prevent it from happening!

They revealed some mythical creatures as well. My favorites being the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse!

There are also new weapons, 4 New classes of Zombies, new in-game challenges and achievements....its practically a whole new game (wrapped in a bundle of Weird West awesomeness)!

Plus anyone who doesn't own the original Red Dead Redemption will have a chance to buy Undead Nightmare as a stand alone game in about a month....and Ill keep everyone informed as to the date when its announced.

But until then, there's more information than I could possible post at the Official Undead Nightmare site. There are videos, TONS of pictures, and a full description of the game. More than enough to keep you occupied until the impending Zombie Apocalypse....

...which starts tomorrow, btw...