Friday, August 21, 2009

Darkwatch: The Dead will Rise!

Not a new game, but definitely something worth checking out when you have the chance. Darkwatch, is a first person shooter that takes place in the Old West...and its a VERY dark version of the era.

Wikipedia describes it as this:

The game follows the exploits of Jericho Cross, an outlaw-turned-vampire, and his employment in the titular organization, an ancient vampire-hunting order known as The Darkwatch. After unwittingly releasing the Darkwatch's greatest enemy, a vampire lord named Lazarus Malkoth, Jericho is conscripted into the Darkwatch as an elite operative.

Jericho, however, is slowly turning into a vampire himself, after being bitten by Lazarus. The game outlines either Jericho's struggle for humanity or his descent into darkness, depending on the player's actions; the player's actions will unlock new powers. Along with the arrival of these powers, one meets many enemies and a discovers a wide variety of weaponry from the Redeemer to the Coyote Steam-Wagon.

Its actually a lot of fun, and at rock bottom prices on Amazon, it's completely worth picking up a used $5 copy for the PS2 or Xbox. Here is a really fun trailer I found on Youtube.

GAH! I LOVE Heavy Old West Revolvers! Sigh.... :LOVE:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spoooooky Town!

You've seen them before, in your local Michael's or other craft store...they are the Halloween displays, featuring Spooky Carnivals, Haunted Houses, Undead Diners, Crumbling Castles, and Old West Ghost Towns...they usually have their own aisle, or at least part of one.....and you can always tell they are around because of their repetitive audio. You pull them out each year to put onto the fireplace mantle, They are called the Spooky Town Collection, from Lemax and last year they had a few Weird West displays to add to your collection of haunted pyramids and carnival rides. This one is called the Dry Gulch County Jail, but they also have the Deadwood Water Tower and the Boot Hill Undertaker Figure and the Dead Cowboy Blues.....Plus lots of non-Western Themed goodness.

If this is your type of thing you should check out the official site, there is lots of new stuff coming out this year.

Monday, August 3, 2009


The Official Site for the new Weird Western "Priest" has just opened...there isn't a lot there yet since they haven't started filming...but it gives us a first look at the character of Ivan Isaacs, AKA The Priest played by Paul Bettany .

Based on the popular Korean Manhwa series, "Priest" focuses on Ivan Isaacs, an enigmatic warrior priest who hunts down vampires, ghouls and other assorted creatures in an Old west ravaged by humanity's battle against 12 fallen angels.

For more about Priest and the movie, Check out Wikipedia...and I'll update as more information becomes available.

With Jonah Hex and now this film, It looks like 2010 maybe the year for Weird Westerns!