Monday, November 30, 2009

Steamcon 2010

Steamcon is a Seattle based Steampunk convention. I could have sworn that they did this a few years ago, but according to their website, this years con was the "Inaugural Year". It took place for 3 days in October and consisted of, according to their website:

* A Vendor’s Bazaar packed with exotic wares
* An Art Exhibition
* The Perpetual Teatime and Hospitality suite
* The Magic Lantern Theater
* Talks and discussions on all matters Steampunk
* Gun modification demonstrations
* Lessons in etiquette
* Steam technology exhibitions
* Games and diversions of a role playing nature
* Cabaret acts presented by the esteemed Mr. Bodewell

This actually sounded like a lot of fun, that Magic Lantern Theater would have been amazing! Unfortunately, I only just found out about the convention so I wasn't able to go. Who knows, maybe next year, because next year the Weird West invades Steamcon!

That's right, the theme for next years Steamcon 2010 is The Weird, Weird West. It should be pretty amazing to see what people come up with costume-wise. Maybe they could even try to get Ghoultown as one of the musical guests. Right now the specifics are all speculative because even they don't the logistics quite yet (or if they do they aren't talkin'), but if you are interested in keeping updated their Website is a good place to start. Also their Facebook page should be a good source of info past and present.

I was going to post a video overview of the convention, but all that came up on Youtube were TONS of Abney Park performance videos....which are definitely worth checking out...but weren't really what I was looking for, so since I couldn't pick just any one, here are the lot of them!


Cory Gross said...

*sigh* Bracing for impact...

Diana Vick said...

Thanks for the mention. Indeed, next year will be filled with weird western content. If you have any suggestions for guests or panelists, please feel free to drop us a note.

Vice chair of Steamcon