Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Nick Cave's Grinderman!

I saw this video a while ago on Youtube and was quite impressed by it's professional look on such a tight budget.....however, every time I've tried to look it up since, Nick Cave's band Grinderman comes up instead...even on Google Images nothing BUT Nick Cave's Grinderman comes up...and while Mr Cave has some definite street cred and has written a couple of excellent soundtracks to two great Westerns, this is not his Grinderman.

This was made by Syndic8Productions, whom Ive posted about before. It seems to be the film they were going to do before The Curse of Dr. Ogoun and, in my opinion is waay more stylish and cool looking.

Of course this is really just a fake trailer that was shot in front of a green screen, as seen in this making-of short but I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that they were going for a PG-13....heehee....a Zombie western just ain't a Zombie Western if it isn't rated R!


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