Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stephen King to Write Weird West Vampire Comic!

The book is called American Vampire and Newsarama is reporting that King will be involved with the first 5 issue story. The official word, from The DC/Vertigo Blog Graphic Content is this:

Celebrated short story writer Scott Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque will launch a new monthly comic book series from Vertigo in March 2010 with a unique contribution from New York Times bestselling novelist Stephen King. The new ongoing series, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, will introduce readers to a new breed of vampire—a more muscular and vicious species of vampire with distinctly American characteristics. The series’ first story arc, to be told over the course of five issues, will feature two different stories, one written by Snyder, the other by King.

Snyder’s storyline is one of decadence and deception and Jazz Age glamour. Pearl is an ambitious modern woman with starlet dreams. She frequents Hollywood’s speakeasies and dance-halls searching for her first big break, only to find something far more sinister waiting for her.

King’s story provides the origin of the very first American vampire: Skinner Sweet, a bank robbing, murdering cowboy of the 1880s. Skinner is stronger and faster than previous vampires; he has rattlesnake fangs and is powered by…. the sun?

Following the conclusion of the first story arc, Snyder and Albuquerque will trace Skinner’s bloodline through various decades of American history.

I'm already on board! I love the idea of a breed of Vampire that has adapted to the distinct American climate; and starting the line in the Old West is perfect! We've always just had European Vampires, now we have a Vampire breed all our own.....well, for as long as this comic is out anyway.

I suggest you mozie on over to Newsarama for even more in depth details on the book (and some more art work as well) and also check out the Graphic Content blog for links to other sites reporting the story....if ya still haven't gotten enough, that is!

Mark your calenders, the first issue of American Vampire comes out March 2010.

I'll report on this some more when I hear stuff.


Scott Snyder said...

Thanks for mentioning American Vampire. I love your bog (as does my jackalope). We're really excited about the series. Please Let me know what you think! My site has email function to contact me. SS

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Thank you, Scott! Its nice to know I have such high profile readers :D

Clearly you and your Jackalope have GREAT taste! ;)

Your book sounds great (and the early artwork is pretty darn amazing, as well) You guys are doing everything to assure that I love this book ;) Ill definitely let you know what I think when the time comes.

Cory Gross said...

If it gets good reviews, I may make a point of picking up the TPB. I haven't picked up actual individual issues of a series in years ^_^

My favorite American vampire story so far is The Horror From the Mound, because of the whole "what you can't leave behind" theme of it that was later picked up in stuff like Son of Dracula.