Friday, October 30, 2009

Dead or Alive in the Undead West...

While browsing the internet for upcoming articles, I came across this fantastic Illustration by Ray Lederer. Its a bunch of Zombies attacking a Stage Coach! Cool! (You can click on the picture and see it in all of its magnificent detail) But there is so much more to it than that.

It turns out this is the cover of a Zombie Western novella called Dead or Alive by William Harms. Searching it out, I quite unexpectedly found it in PDF Format at the Midnight Mortuary site. Midnight Mortuary is a pretty great site all by itself, seemly "dead"icated to Horror Pinup art, but in the "Cemetery" section you can actually download a PDF copy of Dead or Alive totally free for your weekend reading pleasure and you can keep it forever!

Zombie Westerns seems to be pretty popular now days, a couple of my personal favorites being Dead in the West and Jonah Hex: Two Gun Mojo both written by superstar Weird West author Joe R. Lansdale (who I still haven't gotten around to writing about).

Also, for those who are interested, Ray Lederer posted a time lapsed video of his work on the cover art. Its pretty amazing what it takes to put it all together...working and reworking the drawing to get it just right. Enjoy!


Cory Gross said...

Zombies are just popular in general these days... Right now on io9's poll of "what are you most sick of" they're second only to vampires (and ahead of Steampunk).

I don't have much of a problem with them since I don't watch enough zombie movies to get sick of 'em. Heck, did they make zombie movies after White Zombie? If throwing a few Zombie Westerns together can give us some more Weird West films, then great!

At least until io9's next "what are you most sick of" poll in a year or two includes Weird West ^_^

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Yikes! Steampunk was on the list?? How far ahead of it are Zombies and Vampires? Id hate to think we were overstaying our welcome! :/

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