Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Picture from The Lone Ranger!

They've released the first image from Gore Verbinski's take on the Lone Ranger! At first I was a little disappointed by how normal the Ranger looked, but they are clearly trying to ground the character by not putting him into a "Costume". I can live with that, as the Pulps have shown us, you don't need to dress up in a fancy costume to make an impression, plenty can be done with a suit, a tie, and a mask. However in this case I almost feel like the Ranger should be a LITTLE more dressed down, not so formal. If he lost the coat and had gloves he'd look a LOT better. Like Robert Vaughn in The Magnificent Seven or Johnny Depp as the Blind Gunman in Once Upon a Time in Mexico....except with a Mask. Ill wait to make a judgement call however, there are some visually cool stuff that can be done with a coat.

Depp looks great as Tonto, except for the bird, a lot of people have been critical of the bird. To me, by putting the bird on top of his head it feels like they went one step too far. He looked great and then they said what ELSE can we do with him. Right now he looks like an over-stuffed version of Captain Jack that doesn't completely work. He looks too formal now, like he's going off to do a rain dance or a War dance, or maybe that's war paint...but both him and the Ranger look a little too formal to be riding across the desert righting wrongs.

This is just one picture however, Ive been wrong before. How they look, and how their look is used in the film can be two very different things, so reserving judgement is probably good thing for now.

This is picture is actually about a week old, but Ive been having 'puter problems and can't log onto Blogger. Its giving me trouble with anything related to Google....Hmm, very strange....but I'm reformatting this week so I should be right as rain soon.

Anyway, As more Lone Ranger pics and info start popping up I'll post them here. There really hasn't been enough to judge how the film will be yet, so as new stuff is released it should be very telling.


Cory Gross said...

I like it! The classic outfit was too situated in the Fifties and Sixties, with Tonto's Davy Crockett buckskins and The Lone Ranger's Roy Rogers powder blue tunic. This is nicely stylish, but then I tend to look more for stylishness in my Westerns than anything else.

I'm still more worried about the general attitude coming out in quotes that The Lone Ranger is going to be the butt of Tonto's jokes... Meh... The dude is the Wild West's Batman. No need to make fun of how white he is.

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

I agree about the classic outfit. I think they MIGHT have been able to redesign it for the new film, while still feeling classic, but I think going in a different direction was a smart idea.

Anonymous said...

"Another dead 'un," he said to himself as he strolled through the W.W. Emporium, his boots trailing footprints in the dust. "Let's bolt the door, shutter them winders, and ride the hell on out of here... there's nothing here but thistleweed- and ghosts."

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Heh, Not dead. Just on an extended Hiatus. I'll be back before the end of the year ;)