Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Gunstringer!

I wasn't sure about this game when I first saw it. Its for the XBox and it uses Xbox's Kinect controller which uses laser sensors from a box on top of your TV to move things on the screen. Its basically meant to get you off your butt and moving around, maybe even getting some exercise! I don't have a Kinect controller but after looking deeper into this game, I'm liking what I'm seeing.

The Gunstringer is basically a puppet show. You are playing the "role" of a puppeteer controlling a marionette named The Gunstringer. The Gunstringer is a skeletal Day of the Dead-esque gunfighter who has returned from the grave to take revenge on his old gang who shot him the back.

Not only is the character of Gunstringer really well designed, but his old gang is FULL of interesting and strange characters....from an Oil baron made of metal to a giant Wavy Tube Man, and others. Twisted Pixel, the company that made the game, have opened a Developers Site and they have posted some of the character designs, with more to come I imagine.

You can watch the Trailer HERE but what really got my attention is the 15 minutes of gameplay footage I posted below where you actually get to see the game in action. The graphics are beautiful, the designs are fun and if this was a controller based game Id probably get it...but unfortunately it won't make me buy a Kinect.

My only complaint is that, since you are supposed to be performing in a puppet show, the periodically cut back to the audience watching your show, it takes me out of the story a bit...but at the same time it completely supports the game's premise so I can't be too upset.

The Gunstringer is supposed to be released sometime later this year, so keep a look out! Until then, however, enjoy the video:


Cory Gross said...

Its basically meant to get you off your butt and moving around, maybe even getting some exercise!

I thought the point was to eat into the Wii's market share! ^_^

Ashe said...

I dislike the kinect because it's not lasers, it's a freaking camera. How awful and creepy. Still, the game looks very interesting.