Friday, April 8, 2011

Trails of Tarnation!

Once again Emporium reader Shonokin has given me the heads up on a very cool new nugget of Weird Western gold. Its a webseries called Trails of Tarnation.

TRAILS OF TARNATION is a twelve-part serial western following the exploits of Derek and Jeff, two cowboys on the run from the corrupt Sheriff Maynard Lumbar.

Full of cheesy sets, bad dubbing, subversive humor, and a look that makes it feel like a bad 60s or 70s Sunday morning TV program, Trails of Tarnation is all kinds of awesome.

The show was created by Nicholas Gurewitch who used to do a Webcomic series called Perry Bible Fellowship. I've been hearing a lot of PBF recently but unfortunately the series has ended and the only way to read the comics is by search engine, but you most definitely should!

They have a Facebook Page thats full of behind the scenes pictures, a podcast link, and an interview about the show.

Heres the first episode, and then afterwards you shuld go to their website and give them some love, it looks like this show is going to be pretty incredible!

Black Coffee: Trails of Tarnation - Chapter 1 from New Picture Agencies on Vimeo.


Daniel Nelson said...

Thanks for posting this and for your incredible site! I love checking in to see new Weird West items!

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Thank you very much Daniel, Ill try and keep a somewhat regular posting schedule. At busier times I try to wait no longer than 2 weeks between posts, but I post as often as I can.

Ashe said...

I want to say you posted this once before but maybe I'm confused. Still funny though.

Sal Kaye said...

Awesome video! :)