Tuesday, January 11, 2011

...Keep Them Oranges Rollin'!

Does anyone remember, in the 80s, a breakfast cereal called OJs? It sounds strange I know, It was cereal that was suppose to taste like Orange Juice. I've been reading articles around the Aetherweb about it and everyone pretty much agrees, OJs were gross.

Or, rather, they sounded gross...but I disagree!

I remembered them and they weren't gross, that were really tasty. What seems to be the major problem people had with them, the Orange Juice flavor, didn't taste like Orange Juice at all; at least not REAL Orange Juice. Imagine Orange flavored Froot Loops, or a flavor that belonged in the Froot Loops pantheon and you're on a right track. They weren't gross they were fruity and delicious!

But my favorite part of the cereal wasn't the cereal itself, but that strange Cowboy on the box cover, OJ Joe, who rolled around the West on an Orange, spurs stuck in, cattle driving more oranges. The image was strange. I didn't get it at the time but it was almost Pecos Bill-like in its weirdness. Bill capturing a Texas Twister and riding it until it dissipates feels way more grand than cattle driving a bunch of oranges, but I'm sure you can see the similarities.

...and seriously, who wouldn't want an "OJ"s" branding iron!

Regardless OJ's failed. Perhaps it was for the best, a few years later OJ Simpson's name would have probably put the cereal into an early retirement anyway.

But for some silly Weird Western breakfast cereal goodness, check out the commercial below and just remember, OJs weren't gross!

(sorry for the crappy transfer, this was the only version of the whole commercial I could find)


Ashe said...

Never did see these but the whole "orange juice" flavor seems insane considering how awful OJ and milk is. However, orange fruit flavoring could work. You listed froot loops so why not.

Kendra said...

I loved this cereal, hands down!!