Monday, July 26, 2010

First Official Image for Cowboys and Aliens!

So, the San Diego Comic Convention is over but some good stuff came from it! Mostly, relating to this blog, John Favraeu and the cast of Cowboys and Aliens came to talk about the film. Some footage was shown (although not much since they've only been shooting for 4 weeks) and the first official image was released (which you can click on to make bigger).

The Panel consisted of Favraeu, Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Adam Beach and Harrison Ford at his very first Comic Con ever (Apparently he was a little stunned at the reaction when he walked on stage)

Coming was there at the panel, and wrote up a run down of the footage that was shown, and described it like this:

1) The first clip wasn’t super exciting and just featured a very grimy Daniel Craig ride up to a house on horseback, go inside and wash his face in the sink before inspecting a nasty wound on his stomach. He’s got a weird gold bracelet on his wrist. Before he could examine it closely, he’s stopped at gunpoint by none other than Clancy Brown who says only two people get shot like that: villains and victims. Craig says he doesn’t know which one he is.

2) Craig is sleeping in a jail cell when somebody spits on him from an adjacent cell. It’s Paul Dano, who taunts him and tells him he’s in a world of trouble when his father gets there. Craig pulls a very James Bond move and reaches through the bars and pulls Dano in to them headfirst, knocking him out.

3) Here’s the money scene. Dano and Craig are escorted in a police wagon and chained together, much to Dano’s terror. They’re about to ride off when a group of men on horseback arrive, led by Harrison Ford as Dano’s father. The sheriff tells Ford that they have to take Craig to see the judge but Ford wants Craig for himself, “Either you give him to me or I’ll get him myself.” Ford looks scruffy and pretty great in what little we see of him. Just as things are about to get heated, the men notice something in the sky. There’s a very skinny string of lights making their way towards them.

The lights get closer and closer, before they disappear. All of a sudden they reappear right above the small town as three or four alien ships that immediately start raining fire and blowing up everything in sight. The ships seem to beam down small circles of blue light followed by the fireballs that gave a little WAR OF THE WORLDS feel. In the midst of all the chaos and destruction we see some of the other characters; Olivia Wilde saves a small boy hiding under a house, Sam Rockwell tries to save his wife/girlfriend as escaping horses nearly trample her, and Harrison Ford looks perplexed/terrified. All of a sudden the side of the police carriage is blown open by the same blue light we see from the ships. Daniel Craig walks out wielding some sort of alien weapon on his arm (clearly the weird bracelet from the first scene). He looks down at it as if it’s new to him, then looks to the attacking spaceships and fires a blast that brings down one of the vessels on to the street below. The attack ends and the town slowly walks over to the crashed spaceship, led by Craig, who looks down at his arm as the weapon mechanically shrinks down back to bracelet size. He shares a look with Ford and the scene ends.

Sounds amazing, I wish I could have been there!

Yo can read more about the Con and the Panel at and


Paul Green said...

Favreau is definitely creating fan interest to a much higher degree than the doomed Jonah Hex project. Can he deliver? I certainly hope so. A pity we can't see the film clips online. He told everyone to turn off their cameras. Why share photos and then hold back on actual footage for fans who couldn't attend? Copyright reasons perhaps?

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

I hope so too Paul, I really enjoyed the Iron Man movies, and his cast is really great!

I'm not too worried about the footage just yet, Id love to see it, but after only filming a month I doubt its too spectacular...(although they DID show footage of Jonah Hex last Comic Con...but that was different...I hope)....hearing that Clancy Brown in another Weird Western after The Burrowers is making me very VERY Happy :D and seeing that Harrison Ford in it at ALL is just WOW! :D

Ashe said...

Okay, so, read the rundown and just stared at the pic for a minute or two. Here's the reaction:

FUCK YEAH! I'm definitely looking forward to this now and maybe, hopefully, this will turn weird westerns around in the mainstream and get them out of shitty B movie fodder (and when I say shitty B movie, I mean SHITTY MOVIE that gets put on SyFy) and into some good stories and production values.

Unknown said...

Great Blog. Love it.

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Ashe - Yeah, I agree, It seems like the Weird Western is the stuff of SyFy channel and direct to DVD fare...I hope you're right about Cowboys and Aliens making it more of a prestigious genre, but I suspect it won't, not right away anyway.....maybe after a few more high quality films...but as long as people keep making cheap, no budgets movies the Weird Western will always be seen as the Western's deformed and demented twin brother that their parents keep locked away in the attic...but we can hope that things will change, it will all depend on the material.

Michael Flores - Thank you very much!

Ashe said...

It's so stupid that weird westerns get treated like that but I suppose it goes along with the horror genre being shit because the equation is now "lots of gore + stupid pretty people + grime = scary." Ugh.

Once I get the funds, I plan on making a short film adaptation of Robert E. Howard's "The Horror from the Mound". It'll be both easy and extremely frustrating but totally worth it.