Friday, April 2, 2010

DV Mission 2009 - The Golden 8!

I have a few friends who have done 48 hour film challenges in the past and let me tell you they aren't easy, but you don't need me to tell you that! So when I came across the DV Mission 48 Hour Film Challenge I knew these guys worked their butts off and in most cases, came up with some really fun short films.

The challenge was this, on a Friday night (at 6 pm) 22 teams from across the UK got together and received a Title, a Film genre, and one line of dialogue and had to return at 6 pm the following Sunday with a finished film.

The breakdown was like this:

Film Title: Golden Eight
Dialogue: Well, nobody's perfect.
Genre: Weird West (YES! My kind of film challenge!)

They came up with some really entertaining films, you can see them HERE

But the ones I want to showcase are a couple of my favorites:

The first is a Werewolf Western from Team Zombie where we find out that even though you can kill a regular werewolf with silver bullets....the Alpha male requires something a little more.......expensive:

The other is a Steam Western from Quod Victor Est Productions about the search for 8 golden puzzle pieces that will restore order to the world, and a fight at the end of everything for the last one:

Not bad for a couple of films made in 48 Hours....I strongly suggest you check out their Youtube Channel and watch some of the others, it'll make for a fun (and very strange) afternoon of viewing!

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