Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MMORPG Adventure At The Clockwork Symphony!

Ever since I got into Steampunk, one of the things Ive always hoped for was an amazing Steampunk (MMORPG) (or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)....Something in the vein of a great Steampunk version of World of Warcraft (which itself has some major Steamy themes and designs, but no one would call it an all-out Steampunk game) well, I wanted an All Out Steampunk game, and even better an all out Weird West Steampunk game! Well, it sounds like video game developers The Clank Crew have heard my mental commands. They have been working on just such a game and its called Clockwork Symphony; it seems to encompass the entirety of Steampunk.

This is how they describe the game:

Clockwork Symphony is to be a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (or MMORPG) in a persistent world. Set in San Francisco in the late 1800's, our game world features a rich historical backdrop. With both famous and infamous figures on hand, we plan to put the Player Characters in the same world as adventurers, heroes, physicists, and scientists -before- their discoveries made them famous.

With three very different paths, a player can experience a whole new world on each play through the game. By keeping to the heart of San Francisco, players will find themselves ensnared by the realistic environment, the real-world streets and landmarks, and the entrancing allure of Gaslight Romance. Meanwhile those who choose to hover at the borders of town will find the wild west reaching out for them. Bandits, train robberies, horse-thieves and straightforward gunfights contribute to pulling players into the Weird West. And for those who choose to slip between the two and go far beyond the borders, the wide world awaits dashing heroes and cunning heroines to save it; whether from ancient evils awakened in the dark heart of Africa or guerrilla attacks in Peru. You can't go wrong with Pulp.

Sounds awesome, and incredibly inspired, I just hope it isn't too good to be true. The last announcement they made was in Oct '09...and the "newly opened" site is beginning to feel a little neglected and barren. But if they are able to get this off the ground it should be a really fun experience!

The site itself has a Media page (with 11 pieces of concept artwork), a Download page with some downloadable wallpapers, including that neat-o Steam Stagecoach (Steamcoach? Steamstage??) to the left here. And a Forum that pretty much covers every aspect of the game from release announcements to individual Character classes.

This feels like a very independent operation and I hope they are able to get it up and going...because as we say, there just isn't enough quality Weird West content out there!

Everything you could possibly want to know about Clockwork Symphony can be found HERE Enjoy!


Cory Gross said...

"...we plan to put the Player Characters in the same world as adventurers, heroes, physicists, and scientists -before- their discoveries made them famous."

Then what will I be playing?!?

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