Friday, September 18, 2009

The Lonesome Stranger - All-Monkey Western!!

I'm not sure what to think about this, but if you like Monkeys dressed up as Cowboys, with animated mouths, have I got a short film for you! I came across it on Youtube, and although I didn't feel like watching it, I did....and found it thoroughly entertaining! Its called the Lonesome Stranger, and DrowningKittens on Youtube has this to say about it:

Howdy, Pardner! Are you ready for some rootin'-tootin' good ol'-fashioned cowboy fun? What about if'n them cowboys is a bunch of monkeys - all dressed up for a high noon shootout? How about if'n them monkeys ride dogs instead of horses? Yessir, that would be somethin'. Well, that day's done come, my friend - The Lonesome Stranger (1946 - part of the Speaking of Animals series) shows us what life would be like if talking monkeys tamed the Wild West.

I seem to remember, when I was younger, seeing an all animal version of Swinging on a Star, where the Monkey who was "singing" the song has a mouth very much like these Monkeys have.

Regardless, here it is, in all its Weird West Simian goodness!

EDIT: The link to the program seems to have died (due to copyright claims which seems weird for something that came out in the 30's) so until I can find another version of the film here is a Taco John's commercial that feels like it was directly inspired by the "The Lonesome Stranger: All Monkey Western":


Anonymous said...

What serendipity! I hoped for a clip of the movie, but I got that amazing Taco ad instead. Thanks for making this a highlight of the day. :)

Anonymous said...

What a day! I first try to see the western in question; but I don't leave disappointed.

Thanks for replacing the removed video with the brilliant Taco John ad. It is now a highlight of my day.

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

No Problem :D