Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spoooooky Town!

You've seen them before, in your local Michael's or other craft store...they are the Halloween displays, featuring Spooky Carnivals, Haunted Houses, Undead Diners, Crumbling Castles, and Old West Ghost Towns...they usually have their own aisle, or at least part of one.....and you can always tell they are around because of their repetitive audio. You pull them out each year to put onto the fireplace mantle, They are called the Spooky Town Collection, from Lemax and last year they had a few Weird West displays to add to your collection of haunted pyramids and carnival rides. This one is called the Dry Gulch County Jail, but they also have the Deadwood Water Tower and the Boot Hill Undertaker Figure and the Dead Cowboy Blues.....Plus lots of non-Western Themed goodness.

If this is your type of thing you should check out the official site, there is lots of new stuff coming out this year.


Anonymous said...

You were on a roll with this blog and then.... FAIL with this article!

Surely you can rustle us up somethin' better than this...

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

True not the most interesting thing ever, but I've been trying to encompass more than just the movies and comics that have colored the blog until now....I guess I'm apt to hit a few clunkers in my attempts ;)

spajadigit said...

I disagree there, Anonymous. While it's not as cool as movies and comic books, this silly stuff is a part of the weird west.

And it's totally in character. Mr. Adams loves this kind of cheese.