Friday, July 10, 2009

Epic FAIL!

I'll admit right off the bat that this isn't a review, I wasn't even able to finish this film. Really slow, bad acting, incompetent writing, bad production values, poorly filmed....this really had a lot going against it. Jack Elam, the headliner of the film, first name in the credits and the name ABOVE the title on the in the film for about two minutes...ugh, such a disappointment. Not that I was holding out any hopes for a good film, but maybe something that was a little entertaining. Its really hard to find good Weird Western films. For some reason, the Weird West works really well in other mediums, but on film there are so few good films worth watching.

I dont blame this one for its low production values, or small budget. Bravo for getting it made (In fact Jack Elam's appearance was probably why it got made, since the rest of the cast are total unknowns)...but boo on it for the shoddy film making and poor acting.

And the Sound design! ugh! Talk about generic!

I'm sorry, but this film gets 0 Bloody Spurs...


spajadigit said...

Dood. It's your job as interface twixt us and the film to sit through the whole thing.


The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Ugh, I tried dude, I really did....I suppose that I too failed :)