Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Light week this week, other obligations have kept me from spending too much time online, but I wanted to post at least 1 (maybe 2) more things before the week is through. The other will be on Friday, which will be a fun twist on High Noon.

But for now.....Gunfight, by The Mighty Underdogs, is the weird (truly) story of two bad men who used to be friends, now meeting in the town square to settle a grudge. You see one man went to prison for the other and is non too happy about it....only blood can settle this.

This flash animated music video by Ben Stokes was done in a watery, surreal tone. Characters flow and wiggle even when they aren't doing anything but standing around....limbs bend in the wrong direction, and the camera never stops moving; pictures from old photographs, and pulp novels give the characters their faces and bodies and the whole thing is set to a hip/hop beat to create a VERY weird, and yet very fun, ride.

See for yourself, pard:

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