Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Weird West in DC comics...

Two new books have come out from DC comics recently and both seem fairly rooted in the Weird West! The first is issue 4 of the mini series The Return of Bruce Wayne and the other is Secret Six #24 - Unforgivable.

If you dont know, last year sometime Bruce Wayne was killed (or was thought to have been) and for the past year people have been racing to reestablish Batman's presence in Gotham City. The story is a bit complicated so in a nutshell, Bruce wasn't killed, he was catapulted back into time to the stone age.....and now, for some unknown reason, he's being pulled irresistibly forward to his correct time (Our present) stopping in certain eras as he goes. The current issue has him stopping in the Old West. I haven't read the issue yet, but from the following preview the opening is a doozy!

Grant Morrison’s can’t-miss Batman story rolls on as Bruce Wayne’s next stop on his amazing journey through time brings him to the Wild West – but will he escape alive? Artist Georges Jeanty joins Morrison to take The Dark Knight on a ride.

You can check out the exciting opening pages to issue 4 right HERE

The second book that came out last week is Secret Six: Unforgivable.

I dont know a lot about the Secret Six, except that they are a group of Super villains who are trying to make good.....or at best are Anti Heroes. Since I dont read the series I'm not sure where a Western Adventure fits in.....but I'm not complaining!

I like the art work and I like the dialogue in the opening pages. The Cowboy is a villain named Deadshot (he's one of the "six") and it seems MORE than appropriate to recast him as Gunslinger. Here's what DC has to say about the issue:

In a small, corrupt mining boom-town, six remarkable strangers who hate each other band together in a bloody last stand against an army set on destroying them all!

The issue was written by Gail Simone and drawn by J. Calafiore and you can read the first 4 pages right HERE!


Paul Green said...

Interesting Mark. It wouldn't surprise me if DC had these issues planned (or complteted) before Jonah Hex was released in anticipation of increased interest in Weird Westerns.

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

I agree Paul, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the Jonah Hex movie is the reason for the (seeming) glut of Jonah Hex material that seems to have emerged as well....although I can't see how DC or Warners actually saw enough of a good movie to go much further than this....of course there is the impeding DVD/Blu Ray release to think of :)