Friday, August 13, 2010

New Weird West comic book series The Sixth Gun!

I could honestly kick myself. Doing research for Yesterday's post I came across the cover of a new Weird Western comic called The Sixth Gun from Oni Press. The reason for the self kickage-ness is that they released the entire first issue, absolutely free, on Free Comic Book Day 2010.....which I purposefully missed due to a lack of titles that I was interested in...I suppose I should have done better research...

If you can't tell by the name, Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May when comic book companies release free issues of certain comics to promote them. The Sixth Gun was a good choice because it has just begun an ongoing run last month.

Oni Press decribes the title like this:

During the darkest days of the Civil War, wicked cutthroats came into possession of six pistols of otherworldly power. The Sixth Gun - the most dangerous of the weapons - has vanished. When the gun surfaces in the hands of an innocent girl, dark forces reawaken. Villains thought long dead set their sights on retrieving the gun and killing anyone in their path. Only Drake Sinclair, a gunslinger with a shadowy past, stands in their way.

Nice! and as luck would have it, all is not lost. Robot 6 has posted the entire first issue online for our weekend reading pleasure (in two formats even, you can read it right on the site, or download a PDF of the issue to keep forever and ever).

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's The Sixth Gun is 32 pages of Weird West awesomeness...And it can be read right HERE....Enjoy!



Man that book looks interesting

Ashe said...

Dynamite and Oni Press both have some good weird west books. I picked up Dynamite's Just A Pilgrim (which is more post-apocalyptic but still weird west) and Oni Press's Wasteland (same thing, only less monsters). Dynamite's also got one called Dead Irons that was a two issue thing. I almost picked it up.

Dynamite's list

Obviously, if you go to the link you posted for Sixth Gun, you can click titles and find Wasteland, easy peasy. =D

spajadigit said...

Ooh, can't wait to read this. Oni Press is the same group that did Scott Pilgrim...