Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Set Photo from Cowboys and Aliens!

Collider reported today that Noah Ringer, who is starring in Cowboys and Aliens, tweeted a new photo from the set. Looks cool! Kinda.... Is it just me or does this particular shot look like the set from a 2 O'clock Wild West show at Tombstone or Knott's Berry Farm? It looks a little fake, especially the back buildings, with their thin structures....unlike the previous photo which was a great shot from set. I'm sure lighting and camera work can do wonders....or who knows, maybe this is meant to be blown up in the alien invasion! Or.....Maybe I'm just being to picky......We shall see..

You can click on the above Photo for a better look!


Cory Gross said...

Yeah, it does look kinda' like a theme park.

*crosses fingers for lighting and 'splosions*

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Me Too! *cross* *cross* ;)

spajadigit said...

Nah, this is the fake town the residents built to trick the aliens in to attacking it instead of the real town.

"Mongo just pawn in game of life..."